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are at all times of interest in medical societies and the consulting-room.
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penetration of the fangs and inoculation of the poison. No effect
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to the facets and borders brought out by these methods. It
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p irts, great basal ganglia, cortex of the brain. Tliis
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into three powders and one administered every hour until all are
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ments and partly to the fact that the protoplasm was becoming very granular.
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autopsy, and thinks there is a possibility of this con-
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of dispute. No7i-nitrogenoi(s substances, therefore, do not directly impart
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Academy of Pediatrics Work Group on Breastfeeding and a founding
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substances in the lower animals. By this means he had
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formed adult brain may cause a serious and permanent disturbauoe
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and shellfish, and vegetables partaken in their raw state. Further, cities
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yi this enzyme. On the other hand, he found an exposure to 60° C.
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York. [Reprinted from the " North Carolina Medical Journal."]
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Puech's cases, they were met with, from the stomach 32 times, from the
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examination of the heart revealed no special lesion, and it
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A point to be observed in connection with the Iowa experiments is
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practitioner. Until lately, too little interest has been felt upon
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against the latter. Chlorphenol is a very volatile fluid,
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continuous nausea, both of which had been steadily increas-
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determining the advisability of operative interference. At first
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of its derivation from a cavity of the lungs. Evidemly, sputum de-
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hurtful in small doses, I resolved to give them a trial, before
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natural debauchery; most frequently through so-called sugar-teats,
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adherent to that ]5ortion, which were also dissected off
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exercise in apparatus, continued with forcible exercises,

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