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wax is melted with rose oil, and then put all together.

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and backward, moulding themselves to the form of the chamber,

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much to the fact that the injured lung is not irritated by particles

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results of this consideration are collected in Table 5.

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great distances by animals, and in clothes, papers,

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to practise certain branches of the healing art, both medi-

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Two young men, sleeping in the apartment, took the disease, the one

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lepsie. Bull. Soc. de m6d. pnh. do Par., 1863, 24-26.—

zantac tablets used for in urdu

did not agree upon a joint scheme, it was no business of the

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The next Course of Lectures will commence on the first Thursday in March, 1851, and

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nation, a wound, with ragged edges, was found in the right

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condition, this corpse was similar in appearance to that of an executed culprit.

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Wigan Union.— The Ince District is viicant; area 2221; popuLifaoa

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formic acid, acetic acid, butyric acid, valirianic acid,

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arteries and veins always contained blood, whue the air-passages were

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asked to multiply tvvo figures he could write the result prop-

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are suddenly taken away, and what is the consequence? The

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and push away the spoon containing the repulsive medicine which gives

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servable in the relations of physicians to society. While

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decrease of visual power as to greatly handicap the child in the

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When breast feeding is clearly impossible, a pure supply of cow's

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sport beyond the brief but familiar acquaintance with old

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health the compulsory registration of cases of tuber-

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troubled with eructations of a fluid, which sets the teeth on edge.

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oval bodies as such spores. (Centralbl. fiir d. med. Wissenschaften, Alay 22, 1880.)

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Volume. 1,024 Pages. Illustrated. Half mo., $6.00; cloth, $5.00.

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placed underneath, and only in serious cases is the ice applied

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from ten to forty feet in height, is a native of the eastern United

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sternum, high up, and further than this there were no other physical

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{Prog. Med., Paris, February 28, 1920, xxxv. No. 9, p. 91), Anderson

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detectable by previous methods. There is a real increase

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