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ture totally disproportioned to the end in view, of expressing the

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occurs in the following way : — Bearing down presses the paralysed

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Third District — Franklin B. Bogart, M.D., Chatta-

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where the ground, even during the least fskvorable portion of the

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prostitutes are frequently found closed, accounting for the

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supply a want experienced by the medical profession and others

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for some twelve or more years instantly restored to nor-

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tumour now increases, but without pain, and not rapidly until it has attained a

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but proceed to notice the physiological doctrines of the fourth

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he was given a small starch enema containing ,^ii of tinct. opii.

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children being unduly housed up because parents fea

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"In some cases of strabismus in which I operated, I found the subconjuncti-

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occupation in the brewery until six vears ago, when, whilst at work

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sufficient length to divide any nerves passing back fVom the seat of ixyury. Care

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tomy. He would resort to this operation as an expedient not

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ligneous acid, in order to insure a complete solution of any carburate of lead,

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the swelling due to pelvi-peritoniiisJ' Farre,^ in his essay on

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is much in favour of opening the cervical canal, either by the

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beating. The urine was very loaded, bowels relaxed, tongue whitish.

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statistical facts point,'' he considers, '^ to some other pathologi-

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relieve the itching some people suffer after a bath. (See

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plexy, must depend upon some impediment to the circulation, placed at a greater

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of the 19th century, with the experience of ages before them, and at a period in

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of it in which the mode of action of such causes is examined.

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are characterised by equal vigour and independence of thought;

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midnight when reaction came on with a hot dry skin, strong and hard pulse.

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and every other vice of conformation, cites Haan, de Ectopia cordis, cas.

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