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the overcrowded consulting room of the public hospital ;" (3) the ad-
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person attacked— ex^lading tlie baby just named— was 14 years of age.
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ric literature it is not even hinted at, but in Spiegel-
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son who gave his whole time to his duties and not in private
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made on rabbits and guinea-pigs, showing that life lasted
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ruan, St. George's Hospital an admirable clinical teacher, and
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above, as soon as the displaced organ was raised and a support
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inHueuce on behalf of this Society. That under your auspices it has a
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The ulceration spread with great rapidity, so much so that
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deaths. The hospital records showed a decline of 5 cases ou the previous
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McCann, Frederick John, M.B., CM. Edin., MR.C.P.Lond., appointed
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ROBERTS, H. Leslie. M.B., C.M.Edia, appointed Dermatologist to the
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to close the stomach wound and feed first by the rectum and
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the back of the building, the separation from the adjoining
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Case i— J. P., aged 44, a coachman, with an excellent previous personal
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to the umbilicus. As the incision deepens it will often be
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something operative could be done, and ^I was again sum-
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The numher of the Bill is 356, and it can be obtained from
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in character, and that epileptics witli congenital defect were
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ing from a fast-growing uterine tumour, which was diagnosed
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tion then was as follows: Temperature 101°, pulse 120°,
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of this view is not considered sufficient, I beg to say that
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usually adopted in the dissecting room, but is a favourite one
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those who know the real state of the case this answer was indeed
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sense filament, the tongue is thrust out and a shallow pit
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leave of four months on full pay. If he desires to be absent for a longer
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tered in London, 4 in Oldham, 3 in Salford, 2 in Leicester, 2 in Halifax,
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Jackson, University College ; H. James, St. Bartholomew's
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rare to find such cases of pneumonia sent into hospital as
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There is a soliool at Dulwich, frec|uently advertised in your coluions.
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most opportune time, since lately the subject of the inooula-
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particular school is noticeable. The school premises have
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work. Etude sur I Anurie,¥a.r\s, 1881, and in Labadie-Lagrave's
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fort, but a little consideration will show that, under normal
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ages to and fro through invaliding, would probably be found
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A Queen's Cadetship has been conferred upon the eldest
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in 12 of these the incubation period cannot have exceeded 48
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the rural districts, and that they were not ordered in cases
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bridge Hall, Northumberland Road (opposite the College
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MoiR, John Hay, M.D. Aberd , appointed Medical Officer of Healtli for
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oflicers for the ensuing year: — T'ice-Presidents : Dr. Dodsworth
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state of the gastric juice and partly to the fact that the bacilli
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