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fibroblasts resulting in increase of connective tissue.’’^

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ing his discovery that sugar, which was so generally found in the vegetable

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thirty years of age, of Norwalk, Conn., in consultation with

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Case of Milky Ascitic Fluid Niswondt and Rosenzweig . 377

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Eoyal Westminster Ophthalmic Hospital, ]\Ir. Charles Little,

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undying splendours of Greece and Rome, being fixed upon an immu-

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used as expressive of the phenomena, provoked by a pathological

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point of origin of the internal jugular A-ein are strongly in favour of sinus

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cities of the world; among which awards are the great Medals

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kilogrammes ; ten days later on, she had gained 500 grammes. The diarrhoea

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of St. Bartholomew's Hospital (Ser. I., 100). Mr. Ferguson,

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acid. In a few minutes the clear solution may be poured off.

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another one of the good results of the cold treatment. A

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peculiar condition of the muscles, the subject may be placed in the most

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In 2 cases he observed the presence of polychromatophiles, in 2

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internal fat and spawn forthe attraction of purchasers, and that if the fish

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as occurring in some cases of pericarditis. In one of the fatal in-

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stands in need of a review, or of having its merits pointed out. It is not

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succeeded by a most offensive odour of decomposing animal

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the ventricles and base of the cerebrum. Then there was no paralysis or

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plaint. The spots were not a constant nor frequent symptom, and

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extend over a time sufficient to warrant fermentation.

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and we did not get it until the beneficence of John Johnston gave it to the city.

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that he had discovered a protozoon in the red corpuscles of persons

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in a very short space of time. He continued for some time in

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diet Then the condition of the liver should be looked after. It is

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The heart was not enlarged, but very pale and of a brown-

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talks very indistinctly at times. Urine phosphatic in character and bowels

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