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found to be mainly cellulitis, the tubes being patent and undilated. In separ-
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the idea. Indeed, if either be open to the greater objection,
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may exist in some animal or vegetable intermediate host, and
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and the detenninaiioQ of its locality, likewise with certain exceptions,
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ceptible to contact with water, so that the uniformity of results in the
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8 cases by persons who also acted as nurses. (Nos. 1, 2, 7, 9, 13, 14, 25, 63.
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of bone, both epiphysial and periosteal. In all parts of
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coarse and irregular ; it is easily known by the history.
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count of muscular feebleness, and the consequent accumulation of morbid
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Rous, Peyton, Robertson, Oswald H., and Oliver, Jean.
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Our readers, we are sure, will recognise in any of these
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Causation. — The causes of lardaceous degeneration of the kidney are
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uounded. An injury of the heart ,,r the ^reat vessel- is prac tiealK aluav<
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defect, the papillae are not regenerated and a depressed scar is left.
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with any other — that organic life is as distinct from all other
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A valuable paper, entitled Notes on the Preparation of Remedies,
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but, in addition to this, the cells covering the capsules of Bow-
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the trigeminal nerve) preside over the grinding movements of the jaw (move-
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belonged to all religions. Being the children of supersti-
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entirely wanting after the use of Adrenalin. The latter powerfully con-
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from the paralysis of all the inward-movers. The eye, therefore, stands
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is more likely to tear off just at a weak tuberculous
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COMBE (ANDREW). The Management of Infancy, Physiological and
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by articulation with the fellow of the opposite side and the hypopharynx.
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or shutting off diseased parts from the general cavity. They
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The phenol-sulphone phthalein test showed an excretion of 45 per
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tion. The changes were so characteristic that mistakes in
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thought — the existence of an Excito-secretory nervous system not less
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By ordering three grain doses of the Powdered Tuberosa every four

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