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structures is now turned down, and bleeding arrested by ordinary means. The

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applicants for teachers' certificates and, as a consequence, an

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brush over the edges, and when cool, over this again a preparation of asphalt

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ibscesses evacuating either externally or into the meatus auditorius, and

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but the moment he put his foot to the floor, his whole body was pros-

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no history of family taint or severe illness except

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same essentially whenever it affects a serous membrane. In different

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of your journal of the 5th instant, containing a brief account of _ the true

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by the irritable stomach. It should be given soon after the

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oaret-street, Cavendish-square. — Visiting Physician. Candidates

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in from ten to fourteen days. Intra-venous injections

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persons with injections of spermine, and, as anticipated,

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but the hyaline membrane usually, perhaps always, occurs in combin-

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Description. — The adult is elongated, tapering at

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degrees in Medicine and Surgery were conferred : —

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ness, understanding and ability has contributed most to our medical education."

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increase of weight, and the notable improvement in the health of

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appointed a small Committee first to draft a suitable reply, I

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broad. A double ligature was passed through its center, and

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give us no uncertain warning, and in view of them I

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I relaxed fibre and roomy pelvis, or if there be danger from post

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the loss itself. Indemnification was the essence of the

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limited number of cases coming under the care of a few

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to it. By the same means emetics also exert a bene-

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opened in one of these cases, the tumour appears as a rounded,

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appointments, quite equal to similar charitable institu-

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