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liness, but that healthy life cannot be dissociated from whole-

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Surface. His fancies arc to be humoured, his lines of thought

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jected. There is first a tetanic period, and later a convulsive stage characterized

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4. Cases of colic associated with only a fugitive erythema. ^'^

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men, an altitude of 14.000 feet does not influence the arterial blood

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Volhard finds proof for this in that the amount of casein precipitated is proportional

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scientifically by Heryng, Krause, Gouguenheim, Lennox

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water. To prepare barley water: Wash two tablespoons of pearl barley with cold

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The Journal can be obtained of all Booksellers and Newsmen,

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had suddenly been seized with vomiting and diarrhoea, which

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neral, however, we may expect to find these sympathies (except

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on a Bacchanalian debauch. In the more ordinary course

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such a case. Unquestionably, if the patient was not too

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strongly with the strength of the cardiac impulse ; but there was no

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ment of something 2 : a typical or ideal example: embodi-

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tion of pyrexia, and sometimes serve to distinguish the cough of whooping-cough

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explicate, if we only know the extreme difficulty of discharging ihe

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oral intubation apparatus. The section shows a round-celled sarcoma.

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Bourgeois — Davis. — In Morgan City, La., on Thursday,

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des produits organiques naturels. Acad^mie des Sciences, Comptes Rendus.

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snmt diseases. J. Mycol., Wash., 1890, vi, 1: 59;"l53.—

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the impregnation of the ovum after it has descended to

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iance, and he died on the third day. On inspection, the viscera presented

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examined the patient was icteric. The urine contained bile pigment

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developed by the committee, that the naked eye inspection, which has been

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This is a brief history and critical study of tuberculin as

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