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portion of the left half of the i)ons, as one of the early symp-
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defects of development ; secondly, by a disintegration subsequent to a
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and on the dorsum of the left hand there has been a blue area with a
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Hypotension: Patients should be cautioned to report lightheadedness, especially during the first tew days of therapy. If
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a little blood on it, as if it had broken loose from some
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excess of the normal thyroid hormone. Recognition of this, in which
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lute cleanliness, free ventilation, disinfection, and isolation, and in the
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comjx)sed of vitiated bile, which is, however, a product not of the liver,
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stated to be sometimes the case. 4. The use of lactic acid and its salts as hyp-
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pupil is natural, and the iris contracts readily. She sees various things before her,
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Anatomical Preparations, a Cabinet of Materia Medica, etc.
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a snare. With each attempt it had slipped out of his reach.
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metrical. Tliis form of localization is rare, but it is very stubborn.
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This would seem to indicate that the power to perceive
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sexual asthma when asthma occurs in the absence of bron-
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one of the latest works on the subject, it is also one of the best.
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binations in the extravasation. The discovery should
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Balnagask." "When Dr "Sandy" was approaching that age when
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whose case I had opportunities of observing from the beginning.
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cavity by osteomata developed in the frontal or sphenoid sinuses. The
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author, and the Journal will bill the author for this expense.
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sero-therapy in diphtheria (the bracketed figures being the Journal corrections of a few
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the condition of the mouth of the uterus, even in the virgin, varies at each men-
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and of constant type in experimental animals, it has been used most
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The field of vision showed extreme contraction at nasal
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minor; whence they also obtain the name centaurea^.
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Chami'neys, Henry M., Esq., to be Medical Officer for Districts 1 and
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posed professional specialist turns deserter, and in the
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purulent fluid is again, I conceive, indifferent practice. It sustains discharge ;
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by Dr Fenwick to have been used, with considerable success, in

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