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sion, it cannot be by removing a source of the aqueous humour, because we

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however, prevailed at intervals, and to a very general extent, and among them

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to us in man only as a change resulting from excessive serous discharges from

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equally effective for white lead factories ; we would have it effectually

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peritonitis in 34 out of the 39 cases, but such conditions need

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years of which are apt to be years of patient drudgery.

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cautions rendered it easy to adjust the instrument the second

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gradual and steady emancipation from the trammels of arbi-

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II Zur Lehre ttber die Entwickelung des Colloidkrebses im Magen und grossen Netse,

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Dr. J. Barclay, in the British Medical Journal reports two

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indeed Sir Andrew Clark 8 suggested that asthma was due to

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sciousness of being under observation almost always intensifies them. As a

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many cases of the disease, and especially the sweet, heavy ales

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There has been a most agreeable feeling of cooperation and good will

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carbonic acid, this must be discharged from the blood. The old

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in the act of falling backward, the leg being flexed

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quite fulfilled the expectations of most physicians. As an im-

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tion of the spine is as described, the spinal muscles in that

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The objects of climatic treatment are to furnish a complete change

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cedematous. The spinal column was deficient from the

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rather than by local applications of doubtful eflicacy at best, which are often

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