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the bronchise in the larvae of the Batrachiae, which derive their

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Parotid Duct — Salivary Calculi — Ptyalism — Ranula — Epulis — Glos-

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and sight, taste, and smell were greatly damaged upon that side.

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half inches thick, and there was marked lymphorrhea.

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Tunes.” Sunday felt different from the other six days,

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tain, and perhaps to extend by legislative provisions, as far as may be

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the cranial nerves and nearly all the spinal nerves and

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therapeutic indications, that, in the early stage of phthisis, when there is no

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course of time we will reap the full benefit of the gleanings of this fruitful field

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by Eichhorst mitral disease with this defect beautiful venous pulsation

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surfaces that have directly or mediately exterior communications.

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stimulant to the circulation. Its method of action is

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full sway ; while in the latter the inhibitory nerves are

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patient education of the people as to the importance of such records,

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rectness of the views which were inculcated. ,. But as I

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residence, southeast corner of Smith and Montague streets.

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doxical reactions, e g., excitement, stimulation and

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affections, are frequently the early objects for professional consultation

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termined to cruise off the coast with the expectation of intercepting

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from the influence of public employment on others, office destroys indepen-

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our highest basal metabolic rate which was plus 100%. Our highest

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an immense amount of food without apparent or immediate inconvenience,

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to women, the foundation is laid during their school life, largely by faulty closet

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