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mal lethal doses of a pure poison. By a "pure" poison is understood

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strangulation to exist and still permit of recovery after an

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Southworth, Malek A.. Little Falls, Herkimer Co. OriginaL

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anywhere in the world. Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe.

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with the in&nt's rest, and induces sickness and diarrhoea. When tiiese

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developed in vascular tissue ; and that the stimulus producing the

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tumour cells which were not close packed immediately round

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find from a table on p. 37 that, taking the ten years since 1862,

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down to a point at which it begins to thicken but still i^ns

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mass. A case in Query's thesis was one of symmetrical lipomata of the cervical type.

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nucleosis. 32 Although many of the patients’ illnesses began

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in accordance with fanciful theories respecting diet ; none of them are

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tion concerns only this restricted type of fracture of

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disiDtegration of the sulpho-cyanide of potassium, which is a normal

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But, in truth, urine may be perfectly red, or nearly black, and

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'School of medicine is indicated on basis of official record or other presumably authentic evidence.

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Antipyretic Action — Rheumatism — Salicylic Acid

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Passive hyperaemia, congestion of blood in the brain, depends —

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ing water, of molten lead, and of iron at a dull red heat. Even.

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number of the total 3-D points (1st line) and the X-Y-Z coordinates

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ficulties of the old pads and gives instant relief.

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presumably, on the average, abler classes, we have next to consider

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them are under the charge of two of the Regimental Surgeons, their

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the cavernous sinuses and the carotid arteries if one were careful to

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effects quantities of alcohol which would under ordi-

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It is true that various psychical troubles, particularly in relation to the

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ment, when opium becomes injurious because of its ten-

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cells obtains. In such cases gross venous hemorrhage is rare ; but

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with the history of his life, further than to say, that on

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