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tiuue such cliloroform accidents; but rather, by careful
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tion. The cellular variety is best seen on free surfaces, where
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to exhalations from decayed vegetable or animal matter, residence in
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a method which has been proved, both in America and in this country,
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mucous membrane, sometimes towards the periosteum. Difficulty in degluti-
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Medicine and Toxicology at the London Hospital. Crown 8vo, 7s. 6d.
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proving that the virulence of this form of tuberculosis was
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Times and Gazette, February 3 last), to make it appear that there
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prone, with this difference, that tliey are capable
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Differences in the definition of conjunctivitis have caused great dif-
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electro-magnet. Ophth. Rec, Chicago, 1898, vii, 327-329.—
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Reverence for this physical structure of ours should
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deformed trachea restored it to its proper shape. It was
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in frequency. This idea, perhaps, was based on speculative grounds,
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extremely simple and free from pain. Its findings are usually so certain,
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kind, fewer possessed such a high degree of self-effacement and few
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corresponded with this story. It had a greasy appearance, and
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Tuffier had very recently declared to the speaker that
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middle of the day. Very little fluid should be taken at
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that neuralgia is never suddenly fatal, Jones declares that while neu-
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trom plagues and pestilential diseases, is a spectacle that speaks
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ity,, from which sometimes arise the fulminant symptoms of
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to serve is to point the moral that measles is infectious before the
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manifestations, cannot be received as proof of its non-exis-
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patient's poor condition was enough to cause death. The
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and the croup mortality for 1894 was fifty per cent.
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muscles from division of their nerve supply were im-
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Moseley Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School,
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maximum daily dose of zofran iv
For devil sickness, and 'snakes, and wild beasts, and
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{Prog. Med., Paris, February 28, 1920, xxxv. No. 9, p. 91), Anderson
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of cotton-wool, the whole being held in place by a bandage.
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"This session will be looked back to as being the starting point of,
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