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of this nature. After the desire for liquor has been removed,
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the pleximeter and hammer. By means of percussion, even the nature
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in the epigastrium, kidneys, and limbs. The gait becomes uncertain and
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trust to certain persons to carry out the design of their allotment.
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what has been called the " wing shoulder." In another case the atrophy is
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circulation, I operated on these four beasts a3 follows,
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reaching adult life, are immune to malaria, and Koch did not find the
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vary with the seasons of the year, with the character of the feed,
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successively reach the fatal age — usually between eighteen and twenty-
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an epidemic of enteric fever at St. Peter's Home, \Voking.
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a nurse in the homoeopathic hospital in Burroughs Place, she was shortly after
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ing was of iodoform and ci'eoline gauze, absorbent cotton, and a
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are in substantial accord so far as the use of thera-
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Dr. M. M. Farnham of Copper Cliff is to be an associate
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cinations of delirium tremens, as well as its acuteness. The delirium
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Part of glosso-pharyngeal (of Abducens oculi (6th),
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attend to her usual duties, and the constitutional traces
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mens, making a total ol' 6,562 species and 24,182 specimens. These numbers
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storing its natural function by any means is extremely
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circumstance which was of interest in the question of
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dental ; at any rate, I can truly say that it has rarely
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members of our Profession, and offers to have any of its milk
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All the coats of the intestines are the seat of collateral tedema,
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stances, due to deep-seated organic cerebral disease, generally apoplexy. Those
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There is a large amount of testimony to the value of electricity. By
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city became home to the Medellin Cartel, one of the
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irregularity of the heart's action I am speaking of may be said
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effectual restoratives in these cases is to be found, when the
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