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offered by Dr. Seguin, to appoint delegates to advo-

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(5) That although the evidence is not exact with regard to the times for

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time to Paris, I remember meeting him near the ChariU-,

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of the fourth cervical nerve, while a second smaller patch was present opposite

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arities to be virulent, nor have they seemed to have any

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former dicta that (i) in tuberculous subjects agglutination

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that not only the rest of the patients, but even the

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sidered. 3. Hodgkin's disease is a chronic affection of the lymphatic

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9. A Safe and Simple Method of Removing the Placenta.

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wdiole period of the action of the bean on the system ; so that

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impression upon the sensorial and circulatory functions, it is beyond

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in the treatment of fractures. X. York M. J., 1892, Iv,

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Postmortem findings d«nonstrate that environment' more than

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pointed to meet them was far from cordial, and instead

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in opposition to Marine's work in Crile's clinic or in confirmation of it?

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this may be increased, amounting to a painful dyspepsia.

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Plaster-of-Paris Jackets for Spinal Deformities. 411

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ately strict regimen, and reappearing when the rules are neglected. IMuch

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strong, fibrous bands. Drs. Warner and Wheeler now assisting, with

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ing the devitalized or putrescing pulp, the central

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