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impacted in the common, not the cystic, duct, and that its form and size
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advantage of a nearer approach to uniformity, than can be contended
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. to one side or the other. It is never accompanied by any
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tion was nothing else than the strangulation of a piece of intestine,
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or those below thirty years, and occasionally persists after fifty years.
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so obtained, he receives ten cents. The Committee would recom-
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physics, and there are still a few, we fear, who are content to
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above the level of the latter. The appreciation of moder-
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Surgeon Jos. G. Ayres, ordered to the " Galena," to relieve
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treatment, in 1883 (on account of the small quantity
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Priest, and Rabbi each has his unique approach to meet the spiritual
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removed, either with a special shears or an ordinary bon*
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commanding officer. Fort McHenry who will furnish him
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from 1865, in which year this bovine scourge was imported from Revel by
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are confronted with the question : Is it an a9cident, or is
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or periodical, or last a long time. (Edema of the extremities occurs often
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ation, but the method should only bo used in cases of
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in size and dilatability of its different portions which Sir
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fected, the pulmonary apparatus is correspondingly developed, and the bran-
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was at this time a burning sensation at the neck of the
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by diagnostic means such a defect when present. The various
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extent of the oord. A number of cases were afterwards
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precipitable by tannin, but by each other ; and as an infufioa
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The Medical Society of Aberdeen became gradually known and
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