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means of preserving bacteria containing material for future study.

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parents, and the Medical Profession instructing both, would

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existence due to the development of the alimentary and other

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pains and stitches in the side also occur. The pulse may be full and com-

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sion is equally useless, for a dulness may just as well indicate collapse (^

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inspired atmosphere, they are capable of communicating the disease.

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as an excipient for glycerin, since the latter will render

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disease (Cruveilhier was the first to give a good clinical and anatomical

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circulation is neither more particular nor exclusively dependent upon nervous action

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pass, while it strews their own pathway with their dead,

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shows that cholera existed in several villages on the Damietta branch of

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little experience which I have had, the tests which I have made,

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once to be referable to paralysis of this nerve. Paralysis of this nerve may

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contract it at a more awkward and inconvenient time; an attack in

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tion. In the absence of any organic changes, the author

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de tierras died within 24 to 72 hours. There were no lesions except

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Mode of Administration of the Serum. — The serum is -^'armed to the

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branch of our profession, for it encourages parents to have

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my earliest cases. The patient was a young daughter of

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cal Society (special) ; Kansas City, Mo., Ophthalraological

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of death," I need scarcely say that there is still room for

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present. The presentation having been altered, it is well to maintain it

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Balnagask." "When Dr "Sandy" was approaching that age when

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