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of these extremes ; a sound constitution rather than a vitiated one: an active,
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journalism that surgical operations make good news-
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the clothing of the child, toys not glue-fastened, may be
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gency certificates. These'consist of two separate cer-
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Allen Starr, Keen, Chr. Mills, Horsley, and v. Monakow, as arranged by the latter.
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shifting of the latter's walls or by dressings, infiltrates and presses back
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sus|)ensioii and the jilaster bandage was commence d.
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by Dr. Charles Lester Leonard, continued by Drs. L. G. Cole,
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the ulcerated patches. Cicatrization is the last step in the series of pro-
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able persons to use the recti and other abdominal muscles in as-
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monary Invalids, the other on Food for Chronic Pulmonary
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dition. I have not been able to roll out a regular ulcer by straining and use of
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gland), and others in the " Vaporolc " series are now sent out
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tach the ejiithelium before fixation, for as these cells take on a deep
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same is true in less degree when it is given intramuscularly. As for the
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My observations have confirmed the statement that rodent
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the patient absolutely quiet. The mastoid wound was healing
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oiierating-gloves, and concludes his work with a chapter
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most comfortable : after being in the ' bed ' a few mo-
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stage of pregnancy ; and (b) that the long-continued excitement arising
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many that it was not practical, that its students con-
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Bhowed no sign of irritation until four weeks after the operation,
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ton, and in certain Swiss lakes, it is seen to possess a beautiful greenish-
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As has also been mentioned above, trypanosomes of de-
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Method of Feeding. — Bre-dst-fed, three; partly breast-fed, three; arti-
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more frequent in males than females, and the majority of
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The blood MU.XL'd with sputum. The blood mixed with fond.
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tion of the stomach, as is frequently the case in dogs, ice
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F.B. was removed from the right lung. Nineteen days later,
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or destroyed, and consequently there is little or no op-
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especially in the fissures and along the bloodvessels. The
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of such a decision on his part by telling you one thing that would
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wrong in regarding the changes of the former as the conse-
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classical symptoms are absent. from the sinus frontalis on account of
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before this, in a case recorded by Hoffmann in early adolescence. No
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tioner for receiving instruction than by increasing very greatly the
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coHifortable. Advice givtn at his office in the same
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Of Darwin: Dispiritment ; pain and palpitation about
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the fact that the former is made with the patient in the recumbent
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ousness of the cure, has but little weight in the cases 6t for the
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"2. In the cases cited the cause of the defective leukocyte-production lies in the
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sequent indigestion ; in puppies and kittens convulsions are not
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for by the amount of mechanical ini|)0(liniont present; in both
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