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sight without treatment, although both iris and lens
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granulation, and cicatrisation. Their most frequent seats are on
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not produce spores and is an obligatory anaerobe. It is present in the blood
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occur ; and conversely any diff"erences of habits of life of the two
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ous as the cases showing typical symptoms." And finally, even the
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According to Israel and Koerte even small stones may produce
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The Origin of Placental Cysts. — Ue Jong gives a resume
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mained broken and imperfect. Menstruation first appeared at the age
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epidemic diseases. Long indulgence in such vicious habits prepares the
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albumin, and, as a result, both increased growth of the
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the albuminoids ; or, rather, he would change their form,
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at Kiugs Lynn with typhoid fever. He Jias been carefully
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the edges should be brought together as promptly as possible, by
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Society of Public Medicine. M. Mazerolle summarizes as follows the
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the etiology to be hmited to one of the following three morbid conditions:
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di freniat., Reggio-Emilia, 1893, xlx, 329-363.— Fcrreyra
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was inevitable that, under the conditions prevailing, the wounds
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from accidents. It may curl up on itself in the lower
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they are often allowed to run their course without being brought under
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by strangers, it did not spread, the inhaliitants not being susceptible. The
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She replied that he could not make her sin, for although
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mor of the rectum was, however, of suflicient frequency to be
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ments to corn, and the greater attention has been directed to methods
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diagnosis, and while in some respects unusual, viz., in
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ing pneumo-hydrothorax. The adhesions resulting from the successive
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which appears in the form of yellow crystals, freely soluble
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description. Chronic malaria may, however, pass to an advanced
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true crepitation; the sensation is not that of bubbles breaking, but
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bringing it above ordinary mechanics, is the fact that the

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